Flaming Dorset 4 Pack Subscription

All you have to do is choose whether you prefer Filter Ground, Espresso Ground or Wholebean,
then pick your four choices from our amazing Flaming Dorset range. Click here to read our tasting notes if you are
unsure which to choose, you can choose 4 of the same if you prefer or feel free to mix and match.
Your choice will stay the same throughout the subsciption. All you have to do then is choose your subscription type
and go to your basket to complete your purchase.

23 x 5g Capsules

Flaming Dorset 4 box Capsule Subscription

Blend Choice 1
Blend Choice 2
Blend Choice 3
Blend Choice 4
Price Options
Monthly Subscriber
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£38.00monthly/ auto-renew
12 Month Subscriber
Perfect Gift
£35.00monthly/ 12 months

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